From start to finish, Data Delivery will manage all aspects of your data entry project.   From scanning of hard copy E/D or lead input cards to database set-up, we can find the best solution for your individual needs. We deliver high quality data and ensure privacy is protected at every step of the process.  We have helped our clients collect, manage and utilize this valuable information to tailor marketing programs and learn more about their customers.


We can consult with you and provide direction on how to use your existing data in the most effective way. Using detailed database analyses, we will help strengthen your existing relationships, as well as determine who your future customers will be.  We can append demographic data  to your existing database to get a more complete picture of who your customers are and use that information to predict who your new customers will be.  This makes new customer acquisition programs more effective and less expensive. 



Direct Marketing is still the most effective way to reach and influence your customers. We can help you design a plan that will be the most cost-effective and efficient way to use this powerful marketing tool. With new programs from the USPS, you can mail for almost half of the cost of traditional direct amil programs and still target specific zip codes.  Whether you are strengthening the bond with current customers or trying to attract someone new, our plans will get you results. We can also assist in the design and production of your DM campaigns.



We can also manage the design and mailing of your direct marketing campaign. We work with a variety of mailshop vendors so we can negotiate the most competitive price for your job.


Please contact us for more information on our services. 

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